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New Year, New California Laws for Employers

It’s a new year, so California has new laws now on the books! The biggest new law is the one about new restrictions on independent contractors v. employees, which we’ve covered elsewhere. However, there are plenty of new laws that affect employers. Failure to Pay Employee Penalties. California employers already know that failing to pay […]

A-B-C – EASY AS 1-2-3

California employers need to have their heads up:  California is in the middle of a huge re-balancing of the rights between employers and workers. Guided by the idea that employees are most companies’ best asset, California is cracking down on tactics that abuse worker’s rights. That includes traditional practices like using independent contractors. California is […]

Rest Break ≠ On-Call

Employment rights have long been a fertile source of conflict in California courts, which have been trying to find a proper balance between the interests of the employer and those of the employees. The most recent skirmish was in December 2016. The California Supreme Court restored a $90 million judgment against ABM Security Services. Security […]


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