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Protecting Your Trade Secrets Starts with Knowing What They Are

  Small business owners are the hardest-working people around. They are usually either the ones who unlock the door in the morning, or the one to lock up at night – or both. But keys and doors only protect so much:  are your most valuable assets — your trade secrets —  protected 24 hours a […]

Trade Secrets Done Right

A recent San Mateo County case, Altavion v. Konica Minolta Systems Laboratory, Inc. , shows how a plaintiff can identify trade secrets with reasonable particularity on the way to winning a $4.8 million trade secret misappropriation case.

Now That’s a Hallmark Moment

When you think of Hallmark, you often think of the word “giving.” In a recent case, though, Hallmark will be doing the getting: a repayment of a substantial severance package by a former executive who later used Hallmark’s trade secrets to compete against it. As the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeal explained in Hallmark Cards, […]

Allergan’s IS a Botox Smile; or, No Mirth for Merz

Allergan, the maker of the first botulinium toxin cosmetic product (better known as Botox) is smiling today because it won a trade secret misappropriation trial against competitor Merz Pharmaceutical. Merz markets Xeomin,  another botulinium toxin product that until recently was authorized only for muscle cramps. Allergan sued for trade secret misappropriation after Merz poached Allergan’s […]


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