Bay Oak Law founder Andrew Jacobson (Andy) joined the California Bar in 1990, after graduating from UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law that year. Andy received the Prosser Prize for Civil Procedure in 1988. He lived in Japan for two years before law school, and can still speak a little Japanese, especially after a beer or two. He graduated from Stanford University in 1985 with a degree in Political Science. While he is proud to have received distinguished degrees from two great California schools, his football loyalties are at Stanford, where he received much more than just an education.

Andy has been an intellectual property and business lawyer for more than 25 years. He has litigated a diverse array of cases for businesses and individuals. He has extensive experience in intellectual property matters such as trademark and copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. He also works with businesses on employment compliance and contract disputes. While Andy loves doing battle in court, he knows that the best, and cheapest, legal work for a client is the work done in advance so that a problem never arises. Andy's experience means that he can anticipate and avoid problems, which is much cheaper than fixing it later.

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About Bay Oak Law

Established in 1998, Bay Oak Law has been called upon to handle vital litigation and counseling matters for both individual and business clients. Bay Oak Law continues to work with a base of clients engaged in industries as varied as the Internet, manufacturing, transportation, technology, real estate, finance, and e-commerce.

Bay Oak Law has earned a reputation as trial lawyers by representing businesses with lawsuits in such diverse legal areas as trademark, trade secrets, unfair competition, contract disputes, as well as most common commercial disputes. Our trial-ready reputation has also led to favorable, time-efficient results for our clients.

We here at Bay Oak Law base our commitment to client service on developing an intimate knowledge of your needs and objectives. Bay Oak Law seeks to have long-term, partnering relationships with our clients, to provide the best total solution to your specific legal service needs. Our goal is to be an instrumental and empowering part of your success.