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Filing for patent protection can make the difference between reaping substantial profits and missing out on a golden opportunity. The seasoned intellectual property attorneys at Bay Oak Law in Oakland, California help Bay Area individuals and businesses to obtain patents and defend them against infringement. We represent clients in tech, medical science, finance, media, agriculture and other industries. We also handle patent litigation and dispute resolution.

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Once you have a patent, no one else can make, sell, use or import your creation without your permission. There are three types of patents:

  • Design — An original ornamental design (visual look) created for a manufactured product can be granted a design patent. These patents are not for the engineering or function of a product.
  • Utility — A newly invented or discovered process, machine or machine part may be granted a utility patent. These patents are also available for new and useful improvements to existing inventions.
  • Plant — A plant patent can be given for the successful creation or discovery and asexual reproduction of a new and distinct plant variety.

A design patent expires 15 years from the day it is granted, while utility and plant patents expire in 20 years from the date of filing the application. Before that expiration, you may wish to license your patent to let others use your invention for a fee. Our firm can assist with the contractual arrangement for licensing.

Accomplished California litigators pursue damages for patent infringement

Infringement occurs when any unlicensed entity manufactures, distributes or imports a patented product or service, or uses the patented asset without permission. An infringer is liable for damages suffered by the patent owner, which can include lost profits or other financial repercussions.

It is wise to seek the help of an intellectual property lawyer promptly after discovering suspected infringement. Legal actions must be brought within six years of discovering the alleged infringement. Bay Oak Law builds successful cases by performing deep-dive research into the validity of patents and the similarities between the patented product and competitor product. When possible, we settle cases to avoid litigation while obtaining just compensation for our clients.

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