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Who Is Using Your Trademark? (Google II)

New Legal Developments in Keyword Advertising Go ahead: after you google yourself, google your company name. We’ll wait. Hold on – did you see that? Above your company name is an Read More

Viva La Small Biz!

As the son of a stockbroker, I grew up listening to talk about large, well-established businesses. IBM. Gerber. Proctor & Gamble. All successful companies, in industries that will last a Read More

Has "Google" Become Generic? (Google III)

My fellow Business of Media instructor, Eric Sinrod of Duane Morris, has a good article today about a lawsuit an Arizona entrepreneur has brought against Google, claiming that the trademark "Google" Read More

Bad News for Artists: California's Resale Royalty Act Ruled Unconstituional

California's Art Resale Royalty Act has been declared unconstitutional  by now former Central District of California Judge Jacqueline Nguyen. Judge Nguyen issued her ruling on May 12, two days before she Read More

Insurance for IP Infringement Plaintiffs

Thanks to Annette Freeman, one of the world's leading intellectual property authorities, I read an interesting article about insurance for intellectual property plaintiffs. Small companies worried about the cost of Read More

From Consumer to Producer

The Economist reports that China is getting more serious about protecting intellectual property: "[T]he changes are also the result of China’s legal system getting better. Two decades ago, many judges were political Read More

A Few (Not Fifty!) Shades of Grey

The Supreme Court will be taking another crack at solving the grey market conundrum in a copyright infringement case that started here in California. In 2010, the Supreme Court granted certiorari Read More

Berne, Baby, Berne: International Copyright and You

© Bay Oak Law, 2012 Maybe its your company’s simple yet addictive game. Or perhaps it’s the new song your band wrote that is flooding the airwaves. Maybe its just your Read More

Nah, No Employer Would Be That Dumb

One criticism of attorneys that non-attorneys ( better known as “real people”) have is that we spend too much time in the netherworld of hypothetical situations. Surely, no employer would Read More

The Breyer Copyright Manifesto

The length of US copyrights has been growing ever longer. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer‘s recent dissent in Golan v. Holder, 565 U.S. ___ (2012) (“Golan”), relies on the Constitution to Read More

Allergan's IS a Botox Smile; or, No Mirth for Merz

Allergan, the maker of the first botulinium toxin cosmetic product (better known as Botox) is smiling today because it won a trade secret misappropriation trial against competitor Merz Pharmaceutical. Merz Read More

Silicon Handshake or Hangman's Noose: The NDA’s Opportunities and Risks

Nondisclosure Agreements ("NDA") are everywhere: a Silicon Valley Don Juan had an NDA ready for every date. However, NDAs are not created equal -- what is good for the discloser Read More

Expensive Waffles

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles used to have a restaurant near the Bay Oak Law offices in Oakland; an assistant used to visit nearly every weekend with her fiancé. Unfortunately, the Read More

A Wellness Program -- For Your Business

Just as your body needs annual wellness checkups, your business does, too. Much of the simple matters can be done by your office, without an lawyer – but if issues Read More

Leveling the Playing Field:

Due Process and Trade Secret Misappropriation Cal. Civ. Proc. Code § 2019.210 by: Andrew K Jacobson The Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees due process of law. One type of due process Read More

Who Gives a Tweet About Who Owns a Tweet?

By: Andrew K Jacobson You’re a business owner, not a Kardashian. You’ve never tweeted in your life, even if that is all your teenager does. But now the resident young wise@$$ Read More

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