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The Cinderella of Intellectual Property

Law regarding trade secrets has long been seen as the ugly step-sister of intellectual property. Patents, trademarks, and copyrights have traditionally been held to be federal concerns, while trade secrets Read More

Bit Torrent File Sharing Lawsuits

You have received a notice from your Internet Service Provider, or “ISP,” indicating that you have been sued as a “Doe” in a bit torrent file sharing lawsuit. What now? Read More

The Rapid Evolution of Mobile Apps

When I was a kid, on days when we couldn’t play outside, my friend Mike and I would play Pong on our TV sets. Growing up in the Los Angeles Read More

When Cease-and-Desist Means Start Right Now

A Federal Express envelope arrives addressed to you as the head of your business. However, it is from a law firm that you have never heard of. You already have Read More

New Tech, Old Parasites

When the Internet burst into popularity in the mid-1990s, the rush to get popular names resembled the Oklahoma land run of 1889 – but for far more fertile cyberspace locations. Read More

Secure Your Routers! Redux

Without giving away too many details, we have been contacted by potential clients whose internet protocol information is being sought because it has been connected with illegal downloads of movies. Read More

Get It In Writing

When I discuss contracts with Business of Media students at Ex’Pression College for the Digital Arts , I give them four words of wisdom that I hope will outlast their Read More

Unfair? Maybe. But a Fair Use. And Fun.

Regardless of what you may feel about the intent, the execution of this remix is a fantastic illustration of how copyright's fair use doctrine enlivens free speech today: Read More

Litigation and War

By: Andrew K. Jacobson ©2004 In his autobiography, "My American Journey," former Joint Chief of Staff Chairman General Colin L. Powell presents several tests to determine when the nation Read More

Intellectual Property Secrets

Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, & Patents Copyright What's a Copyright? A Copyright gives you the right to control what happens to a work that you've produced. You have the right to control Read More

When Your Valuables are Available

When you visit a jewelry store, it is easy to see a lot of security - cameras, electronic access cards for employees, sturdy, locked cabinets that display the Read More

Document Retention Policy

It has become increasingly easy to create documents. Fifty years ago, we had to type them on the typewriters. Now we have the dubious advantage of having our Read More

Defending Trade Secret Cases: A Sprint, Not a Marathon

BY ANDREW K. JACOBSON In the swirl of allegations and facts, courts often ignore legal protections for trade secret defendants. A new client calls just after lunch. She and her new Read More

Viewing 65 - 77 out of 77 posts


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