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The Three Tolls

Every prospective litigation client needs to know the three tolls of litigation. A Lawyer’s Time is (Your) Money. When we talk about the cost of litigation, we usually think first of a lawyer’s time and expenses. These can be overwhelming (and some lawyers don’t help by brutally overcharging for their time, and surcharging (i.e., adding […]

You Gotta Admit, It’s Getting Better

One of the few things that every political persuasion agrees upon is that “everything sucks.” But could that be because we haven’t noticed real improvements around the world? A few notes: Worldwide poverty is still declining. More than a billion people have been lifted out of abject poverty in the last 25 years. This is […]

Business in the Time of Covid19

As of March 16, 2020, everyone has been urged to work from home, if possible, and it is likely to last several weeks, or even months. Here are some things a small business owner can or should do to maintain operations and protect the business during this time. The media is full of stories about […]


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