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2 Min. Every 2 Years, Save $250

To save money, the State of California has stopped sending the biennial Statement of Information form that has to be filed, even if there is no change to any information. Read More

These Origami Artists Won't Fold

UPDATE:  We've re-filed the case in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. You can find the updated complaint here, and the exhibits here. Bay Oak Read More

What It Means to Be Your Consigliere

Contrary to popular perception, “consiglieres” date from times long before the 20th century. The term derives from the Latin “consiliarius” – a counselor. Every leader needs an advisor skilled in Read More

Secure Your Routers! Redux

Without giving away too many details, we have been contacted by potential clients whose internet protocol information is being sought because it has been connected with illegal downloads of movies. Read More

An NDA Can Save the Day

Bay Oak Law's Laura Koch provides a timely reminder about the importance of Non-Disclosure Agreements: NOOK Lawsuit Demonstrates the Importance of Non-Disclosure Agreements Barnes & Noble, Inc. (B&N) has failed to persuade Read More

Client Question: Does the US Gov't Own Copyrights?

“Kim Vanderheiden of Painted Tongue Press, which does custom design invitations, business cards, and greeting cards, among many others, asks: “Does the US Government and/or its branches own intellectual property rights Read More

Get It In Writing

When I discuss contracts with Business of Media students at Ex’Pression College for the Digital Arts , I give them four words of wisdom that I hope will outlast their Read More

Investing in a Little Law

A big worry for stockbrokers about 15 years ago was the rise of the day trader, people who would trade stocks on their own account, paying a minimal charge for Read More

Unfair? Maybe. But a Fair Use. And Fun.

Regardless of what you may feel about the intent, the execution of this remix is a fantastic illustration of how copyright's fair use doctrine enlivens free speech today: Read More

Client Question: Copyrighting Pictures of Buildings

Our question comes from Bill Hackett of Cheshire Cat Photos, which supplies digital stock and fine art photography. Bill wonders whether you can take and copyright a photograph of someone's Read More

Claim Your Property!

More than 11 million people in the State of California have property -- usually money -- owed to them, that is just sitting in accounts with the California Controller. The Read More

A Story, Short & Sweet, About Covenants Not to Compete

Business lawsuits can grind on for a long time, and become very expensive. While many lawyers like that, most clients prefer something short, and preferably very sweet, in the sense Read More

Litigation and War

By: Andrew K. Jacobson ©2004 In his autobiography, "My American Journey," former Joint Chief of Staff Chairman General Colin L. Powell presents several tests to determine when the nation Read More

Intellectual Property Secrets

Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, & Patents Copyright What's a Copyright? A Copyright gives you the right to control what happens to a work that you've produced. You have the right to control Read More

When Your Valuables are Available

When you visit a jewelry store, it is easy to see a lot of security - cameras, electronic access cards for employees, sturdy, locked cabinets that display the Read More

Document Retention Policy

It has become increasingly easy to create documents. Fifty years ago, we had to type them on the typewriters. Now we have the dubious advantage of having our Read More

Viewing 129 - 144 out of 147 posts


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