To save money, the State of California has stopped sending the biennial Statement of Information form that has to be filed, even if there is no change to any information. California corporation owners who in the past just filled out the form that they received may not know what to do, and this could be costly -- failing to file on time can incur a penalty of $250. However, in some ways, the State has made it easier.
The California Secretary of State now has an online form for corporations incorporated in California that allows you to file online and pay the $25 filing fee with a credit card. Since there was no change to Bay Oak Law's information (same address, same director and officer), all I had to do was click a button that confirmed that the information had not changed, so the form took less than two minutes to finish, including the time to pay with a credit card.
Even if there are changes to the Statement of Information, the information about officers, directors and agent for service of process only asks for their names and addresses. Avoid the $250 penalty, and save your time in the process. If you want to look at the form before going online, you can see it here.

Just as a reminder, don't fall for the periodic attempts to con money out of your pocket by organizations that look an awful lot like a State office.