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How Much for an Attorney-to-Be?

Lawyers love Latin — it makes the sordid sound sophisticated. After reading the below, ask yourself cui bono? Who benefits? Judge William Pauley recently knocked down an attorneys’ fee request: “”Astonishingly, Kramer Levin attorneys, paralegals, and staff amassed 5536.4 billable hours on this matter, employing four partners, three special counsel, ten associates, eight paralegals and a […]

Time to Get Commission Agreements in Writing

We’ve said it before, about the need to get things in writing, but now getting commission schedules in writing will be the law here in California starting next year: “By January 1, 2013, whenever an employer enters into a contract of employment with an employee for services to be rendered within this state and the contemplated […]

Unemployment Benefits: The Greased Pig

Sometimes being an employer is like being in a greased pig contest: you just can’t get your arms around it. An employee does something that amply justifies firing him. He admits what he did, but seeks and (eventually) is awarded unemployment, thereby costing the employer’s account. What gives? A recent court decision, Robles v. EDD  […]

Business Owners: Keep Your Networks Secure

Just in case the business owner didn’t have anything to worry about, here is a new headache to avoid. EPN Inc., also known as Checknet, Inc. is a collection agency that also provides electronic payment and e-commerce services. Unfortunately, Checknet has recently settled charges  brought by the Federal Trade Commission that Checknet failed to maintain […]

Tips for Employers About Tips in California

California has a long tradition of being employee-friendly: covenants not to compete by employees are unenforceable, and the minimum wage is usually higher in California than that nationally. The same is true for professions with tips, which may be the next “hot” area of labor law in California. Employers whose employees earn tips had best get […]

California Supreme Court: Employers Do Not Have to Ensure Employees Take Breaks

The state Supreme Court has finally clarified California employer obligations regarding employee meal periods and rest breaks. As we predicted after the oral arguments in Brinker Restaurant Corp. v. Superior Court (“Brinker”), the Court determined employers have no duty to ensure that employees perform no work during meal breaks. The Court also ruled on the number […]

ADA – Be Proactive

The volume of “snail mail” is down tremendously compared to a few years ago, so when a business owner gets a letter in the mail claiming that the business has a disability access problem, it should stand out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t, even when it should. A letter about “ADA” is not something about your great-grandmother’s […]

It’s H-1B Visa Season

2013 H-1B Visa Application Start Date If your firm is seeking to provide a new H-1B visa on or after October 1, 2012, the application season opens on April 2nd. In past years, the maximum number of visas was reached within the first few days of the period, so it will be important to get […]

Are Interns A Good Idea?

By Kim Kennedy Does your business use interns? Are you thinking of hiring an intern or two in the near future? The economy is still struggling, and hiring more employees is a significant expense in payroll costs, as well as in other costs such as health insurance, and training. There are hordes of unemployed recent […]

Can I Use Consumer Reports to Evaluate a Potential Hire?

It depends.


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