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When Cease-and-Desist Means Start Right Now

Confronting claims in a cease-and-desist letter head-on will be cheaper in the long-run than burying your head in the sand. A cease-and-desist letter is a code for starting things right away.

New Tech, Old Parasites

Twits using your business’s name could destroy your company’s reputation before you even know about it. Twitter does have an anti-squatting policy, but every business should participate in the Twitter land rush by claiming its own name. Besides being a potential marketing device, claiming your business’s name prevents it from being claimed by someone else. It’s free and took me less than 30 seconds to do.

The Guardians of Origami

The Guardian newspaper in London reported on our lawsuit on behalf of the origami artists. One of the joys of working this case is the quality of our clients. They are always polite, encouraging, and engaged, even though we sometimes need to use four different languages (English, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian). Their creativity and good […]

Now For Something Completely Different

Here is the best 3 1/2 minutes of your day. Make sure your speakers are on, and enjoy the high definition view of The Arctic Light.

Privacy? You Don’t Got No Stinkin’ Privacy!

When someone subpoenas subscriber information from an internet service provider, does the subscriber have an expectation of privacy? In California, at least, the answer seems to be: No. In People v. Stirpo, (Second District Court of Appeal, May 16, 2011), the defendant challenged the search warrant to the internet service provider (“ISP”) that sought information […]

Using Certified Interpreters

Interpretations in California courts must be done by certified or registered interpreters. This also applies to translations of documents.

In The Crease

If you’re interested in more on origami in general and Robert Lang in particular, the Stanford Magazine has an article about him in its current issue.

2 Min. Every 2 Years, Save $250

To save money, the State of California has stopped sending the biennial Statement of Information form that has to be filed, even if there is no change to any information. California corporation owners who in the past just filled out the form that they received may not know what to do, and this could be costly […]

These Origami Artists Won’t Fold

Bay Oak Law and Haims Valentino LLP have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against artist Sarah Morris, who used the crease patterns of at least six different origami artists. She did so without attribution or licenses.

What It Means to Be Your Consigliere

Contrary to popular perception, “consiglieres” date from times long before the 20th century. The term derives from the Latin “consiliarius” – a counselor. Every leader needs an advisor skilled in what the law requires – and what the law allows. Let’s start off with a few provisos. Bay Oak Law is a “classical” consigliere. It […]


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