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A New Ambush on At-Will Employment?

by Andrew K Jacobson Once again, the turn of the new year brings new laws into existence. The newspapers focus on cross-cultural clashes like the banning of new sources of shark Read More

Willfully Misclassified: New Perils in Misclassifying Workers as Independent Contractors

By Andrew K. Jacobson In an era of ultra-tight budgets, getting something for less is appealing. One such temptation is hiring someone to be an independent contractor, instead of as an Read More

What It Means to Be Your Consigliere

Contrary to popular perception, “consiglieres” date from times long before the 20th century. The term derives from the Latin “consiliarius” – a counselor. Every leader needs an advisor skilled in Read More

An NDA Can Save the Day

Bay Oak Law's Laura Koch provides a timely reminder about the importance of Non-Disclosure Agreements: NOOK Lawsuit Demonstrates the Importance of Non-Disclosure Agreements Barnes & Noble, Inc. (B&N) has failed to persuade Read More

Investing in a Little Law

A big worry for stockbrokers about 15 years ago was the rise of the day trader, people who would trade stocks on their own account, paying a minimal charge for Read More

When Employees Must Leave

By: Andrew K. Jacobson © 2004, Bay Oak Law A worker leaving involuntarily is often a heart-wrenching experience for both employer and worker. While anyone who has ever been employed Read More

Viewing 33 - 38 out of 38 posts