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Experienced California lawyers provide employer defense for small businesses

California gives workers strong protections against mistreatment by employers, but not all employee complaints have legal merit. If your business is accused of discrimination, harassment, unfair pay practices or other legal violations, Bay Oak Law in Oakland is ready to defend you. We utilize alternative dispute resolution techniques to work toward favorable outcomes and, when necessary, defend companies vigorously in court. Our firm also advises business owners on compliance with state and federal laws and how to respond to informal allegations of managerial misconduct.

Committed lawyers advocate for management in workplace disputes

When your business becomes the target of a complaint with California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) or a suit in state or federal court, a prompt and well-prepared response is vital. Our lawyers are capable of defending clients against a full range of alleged workplace violations, including:

  • Contract violations — In California and throughout the United States, most employment is at-will. However, companies wishing to attract top executive talent often enter into contracts binding their relationship. When the situation doesn’t work out, a contract breach might be alleged. We represent businesses in contract disputes with former and current employees.
  • Discrimination — Claims of discrimination on the basis of age, race, gender, disability or another legally protected characteristic can seriously disrupt a business. We build cases designed to demonstrate that management’s actions were lawful.
  • Sexual harassment — Allegations of a hostile work environment or quid pro quo sexual harassment are sensitive and require careful handling. After reviewing the allegations, our attorneys advise employers on how to best respond, resolving complaints whenever possible in private forums such as mediation.
  • Wage and hour disputes — An employee may sue for unpaid overtime, unpaid meal breaks or other allegedly illegal pay practices. If you hire independent contractors for projects, these gig workers might also turn around and sue for employee benefits and unpaid overtime. Our team is well-versed in state and federal wage-and-hour laws and draw on that knowledge to help create compliance policies that can avert lawsuits and reduce damages payouts.
  • Wrongful termination — Companies often find it necessary to dismiss unproductive, redundant or disruptive workers. Unfortunately, these firings often lead to charges of improper firings and demands for payment. You can count on us for robust defense against claims of wrongful termination, so you can manage your business as you see fit.

Our employment attorneys conduct investigations, interview witnesses and gather evidence to develop strong cases in support of our clients. If a settlement is advisable, we strive to negotiate a deal that protects your business interests.

Skilled lawyers help business owners create enforceable policies and contracts

Having to deal with a disgruntled employee or a rogue supervisor is always a possibility when running a business, but you can minimize the risk by adopting employment policies and practices that comply with state and federal law and are clearly communicated to all staff. We assist companies in drafting employee handbooks that lay out what conduct is expected in the workplace and define all terms of employment, including benefits. When the situation calls for it, our firm also creates employment contracts and severance agreements designed to withstand challenges by disaffected and separated employees.

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The California attorneys at Bay Oak Law in Oakland assist Bay Area businesses with a wide array of employment law matters. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our employer defense attorneys, call 510-208-5500 or contact us online.