The FBI has asked us all to be on the lookout for foreign intelligence agents -- in the form of American students who interned overseas.

[caption id="attachment_1612" align="alignright" width="202"]Easily sacrificed? Easily sacrificed?[/caption]

The FBI tells the story of Glenn Shriver, a former college student from Michigan who learned Mandarin and lived in China in 2004. He made some friends who encouraged him to find a job with the US government. He received some $70,000 merely to apply for such a job, but by the time the FBI arrested him, he realized that his friends were actually intelligence agents wanting to place a mole inside US agencies.

National agencies are not the only targets. US companies are also subject to foreign espionage. Just last month, the Justice Department announced indictments of five members of China's military for stealing US companies' trade secrets. US companies, both big and small, need to understand that foreign competitors may have government assistance in accessing American trade secrets.

Still, little beats the morality tale of an American student seduced by success. When nothing is on the 570 channels you commonly flip through, when HBO isn't running Game of Thrones, our FBI friends have a video for your enjoyment: