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Claim Your Property!

More than 11 million people in the State of California have property — usually money — owed to them, that is just sitting in accounts with the California Controller. The cost to you is filling out and mailing a form. I got about $25 a few years ago, from an insurance refund that occurred just […]

A Story, Short & Sweet, About Covenants Not to Compete

Business lawsuits can grind on for a long time, and become very expensive. While many lawyers like that, most clients prefer something short, and preferably very sweet, in the sense of winning at the end. Twice, though, I have been involved in cases that were short and sweet for our clients. The area of law […]

The Right Fit

by: Andrew K. Jacobson © 2003, Bay Oak Law In recent years, new business owners have had several entities to choose from, depending on the needs of the business and the owners. The two most important factors in deciding the right business entity are limited liability and the tax treatment. Limited Liability. “Limited liability” is […]

Litigation and War

By: Andrew K. Jacobson ©2004 In his autobiography, “My American Journey,” former Joint Chief of Staff Chairman General Colin L. Powell presents several tests to determine when the nation should commit to battle. These tests eventually became known as the “Powell Doctrine.” These tests are as applicable to litigation as they are to war: Commit […]

Intellectual Property Secrets

Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, & Patents Copyright What’s a Copyright? A Copyright gives you the right to control what happens to a work that you’ve produced. You have the right to control the copying of it (hence the term “Copyright”), but you have other rights as well. For example, you have the right to control […]

When Employees Must Leave

By: Andrew K. Jacobson © 2004, Bay Oak Law A worker leaving involuntarily is often a heart-wrenching experience for both employer and worker. While anyone who has ever been employed can sympathize with the employee’s loss of wages and benefits, the employer is also often troubled. A smart employer will try to avoid such troubles […]

When Your Valuables are Available

When you visit a jewelry store, it is easy to see a lot of security – cameras, electronic access cards for employees, sturdy, locked cabinets that display the jewels behind solid plastic. There is no doubt there is even more security that is not visible, especially at night. Much of this security is at the […]

Document Retention Policy

It has become increasingly easy to create documents. Fifty years ago, we had to type them on the typewriters. Now we have the dubious advantage of having our own printer, computer and copier to create documents. Literally, tons of information circulate through any medium size office each year. We do not want to end up […]

Defending Trade Secret Cases: A Sprint, Not a Marathon

BY ANDREW K. JACOBSON In the swirl of allegations and facts, courts often ignore legal protections for trade secret defendants. A new client calls just after lunch. She and her new company have just been served with a summons and complaint by her former employer, and a notice for a temporary restraining order hearing tomorrow […]


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